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About Me 

Welcome to my practice


         Hi, I'm Alicia Feldman. My primary area of expertise is in treating adults with depression, anxiety, work stress, relationship issues, dating issues, and intimacy. I have counseled adults for over 14 years and I have a full-time, online private practice serving New York, New Jersey, and Florida. My experience includes working in multiple treatment environments such as a psychiatric hospital and inpatient and outpatient treatment centers in both Florida and New York City.


      I believe it is important to feel heard, seen, validated, and understood. We need to feel purposeful and that we matter. We can't change difficult situations of the past, but we can work together to better understand them and to resolve current challenges in your life. I offer a safe place for you to discuss your thoughts, feelings, and emotions without judgement.


      In my practice, I respect the unique experience of each individual, couple, or family. I see the particular difficulties that each faces. I listen and interact with empathy. I provide insight, validation, and support. No two treatments are the same; it's your life and you deserve to choose your goals. 


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